FAQs – weddings


 How far do you travel for weddings?
We love to travel! Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy as it used to be with having 3 kids, but we love to get outside of Northern Ireland for a few weddings every year.  For UK weddings (outside of NI) we ask that you cover 2 nights accommodation for us plus any travel costs.

How many images do we receive in the end product?
You’ll receive approx 500+ images on a lovely little USB pen drive.  Anymore and you might explode. (If you book us to stay for your evening antics then you'll get more!)

Can we meet you before our wedding?
Absolutely! We would love to have you round to our house for coffee & cake, and some chat! Or if you live further away, we can always Skype/email or just chat on the phone. Although with most of our weddings and other photoshoots at weekends we can only really do this mid-week.

Can we book just one of you?
Nope – we come as a duo!

Do you blog all your weddings?
We would love to have the time to blog everything and everyone we photograph, but due to the time it takes to actually put a blog together, this just isn’t possible. You do however get all your images on an online gallery (password protected), that you can share with your friends and family.

How long should we expect to wait to receive our finished photographs?
With our family being our priority, we’re careful not to take on too many weddings and we like to spread them out evenly.  So we would rarely do more than 1 wedding a week, and we are only taking on 25 weddings in 2018.  This means our turn around time can be nice and quick, with most couples receiving their photos within a 4-5 weeks of their wedding!

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