The Nesting Sessions

Documenting those sacred, mundane days at home with little ones


Let me explain….

Over the last 10 years of mum-hood, one (ONE!) of the things I found hardest was the change from fast paced, work/activity filled days, to slow, mundane, stay-at-home days… where it was hard to see the ‘value’ in what you were doing and easy to feel insignificant.

By baby number 3 I was able to see the bigger picture.  I well understood the saying “the days are slow but the years are fast”.  I wish I’d embraced the slow mornings, the ‘nothing’ days and the messy house more with those first two babies.

I want to take pictures for new mums (or not so new!) and give them images that I wish I had, of moments I’ve nearly forgotten. “The Nesting Sessions” are simple, candid and real.  I’m picturing unwashed dishes, lego on the floor, unmatched socks hanging on the radiator and beds that haven’t been made.  Ok, if you are a neat freak I’ll happily embrace that too, but I just want to document what a real day is like for you!

These probably aren’t pictures that you’ll frame, they’re more sacred than that.  But they’re an heirloom and something that you’ll treasure when your babies aren’t babies, and you’ve forgotten those slow, ‘nothing’ days. I promise, as cliché as it sounds, it only takes a few years and EVERYTHING will be different!

If you are worried about ‘what to do’, I’d say just do what you normally do: If you often make pancakes in your pyjamas while wee one is watching CBEEBIES then lets do that.  If you often spend time getting ready to go out for a walk, lets do that, including the getting ready part. I’m sure you get it.  Its low key but can be as fun or as plain as you want it to be.

My drive to do this has been born out of wanting to encourage mums of little ones to slow down, take the pressure off and just enjoy the non-achieving days for what they are. And make some beautiful images that capture this incredibly special little season of life.


Nesting Session Fee

Session fee includes the photography session plus one 5x7 mounted fine art print, and all digital images (100+, high res, unwatermarked in a private gallery ready for download).

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