Anna & Conor - Limepark Cottages and Lissanoure Castle Wedding


Conor and Anna are part of our crazy community on the north coast. It was a joy to photograph their wedding day as we have watched them go through friendship, dating and engagement.

One of our favourite places, Limepark was the venue for the ceremony which went ahead outside despite more than a few rain clouds.  You could say Anna's Californian family got to witness the true unpredictable nature of our wee country.  But the ceremony was full of high emotions, and the weather couldn't stand in the way of the stunning vows and prayers. We then moved on to Lissanoure castle for a feast and a party!

We loved the style and energy that the bridal party carried. And despite being attacked by an army of midgies during the evening photos, we had heaps of fun - these folk are hardcore!

So California and Coleraine has a new bond... and man aren't we thankful!

Love you both.

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