25 Fitzwilliam Place Wedding, Dublin - Mick & Rebecca

We travelled down to Dublin to celebrate with the ever so sweet Mick and Rebecca on their wedding day.  It was our first visit to the fabulous Smock Alley Theatre which didn't disappoint.  We then scrambled our way across Dublin City to No.25 Fitzwilliam Place for a drinks reception, which was extra special as it's owned and managed by Rebecca and her family.  We had a 'knock your socks off' meal with the rest of the guests down below in Suesey Street Restaurant that Tim and I are STILL talking about!!

Thank you so much to these guys for having us and looking after us like guests.  What a day.  We'll never forget sneaking up to the roof top for those sunset photos, so special! Thanks also to Gavin at Dreamcatcher Productions for being great craic to work with on the day.

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Hugh & Reem - a Belfast City Centre Wedding

Ever wondered what an Air Bnb wedding looks like?  Wonder no more.  Reem & Hugh didn't have much time to plan their wedding before jetting off to live in Bejing, so they did things their way, and their way was epic! 

After officiating things in Belfast City Hall with their immediate family, they made their way down south to Longford where their guests awaited them.  With backgrounds in architecture they knew this air bnb was the ticket to a good party with their loved ones.  A blank canvas combined with good vision and help from their mates, they transformed this beautiful place into a perfect wedding venue.  With indoor sleeping space limited, the great outdoors was called upon, tents were pitched and voila, everyone had somewhere to spend the night!  

We don't need to say much more, feast your eyes on this....

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Dan & Lois - Tullyveery House Wedding

You know it's a good day when The Red Arrows make a random surprise appearance just as you're saying your vows!  Dan and Lois brought their elegance, beauty and families to beautiful Tullyveery House.  We loved their style and relaxed ceremony, and any party with The Gents band and s'mores is a winner in our eyes.  Lois's cousin handmade her wedding dress which was just incredible, what a talent and how significant. Unfortunately Tolly, Heneretta and Bernadette couldn't make it over from London...their cat and two chickens.  

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Shannon & David - Old Court Chapel, Strangford

We had a blast enjoying a day of elegance and excellence. An old fashioned love story between Shannon and David.   Old Court Chapel is an absolute haven set beside Strangford lough. From the beautiful old church to the unique barn room dance floor, it really is high up there on our list of best wedding venues in Northern Ireland.   Guests were treated to a cocktail of rain and sunshine...classic Irish weather for those visiting from across the water...  The wedding was helped come to life by the fantastic Floral Earth, catering by The Yellow Door, and hair and make up by Lynette Murray & Ashley Morhej, both such talented girls and a great team to work alongside!

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4 point 5 of us....

Changes are coming for our wee family... 4 will become 5 in February and having made the transition to 2 kids at school/nursery this autumn (and lots more kid-free time!) we'll be back to all-things-baby in 3 months time!  So we're squeezing all we can out of our free mornings... walking, running (while I still can), coffee breaks galore, netflix and just taking things at a nice pace.

 And with this gorgeous autumn weather we've been given, we jumped at the chance (finally) to take what could well be one of our last sets of photos as a foursome.  Olivia (6) and Jude (3) are at such a great wee stage, we have a lot of laughs, and Tim and I just adore being with them and lapping up our surroundings together. SO thankful we get to live where we do, it just never gets old!  

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Colin & Claire - Crom Castle Wedding

Crom Castle feels like a dream.  It has a knack of transporting you to another world, where time stands still.  Surrounded by calm waters and lush green fields, you get lost in it all. 

It was a joy to hear about Claire and Colin's vision in advance, and they nailed it!  Their guests were treated to an adventure, which made this wedding all the more unique.  Beautiful from start to finish.  

C&C, thanks for having us along for the ride!

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Hannah & Stevie - Portrush Wedding

"Smell the sea and feel the sky 

Let your soul and spirit fly"

Van Morrison

We are delighted to bring you this inspiring Portrush couple. Stevie, Hannah and her family run two north coast shops which we love, Off The Wall and A Broader Picture. Both put a high value on quality and attention to detail. If you're around the north coast be sure to pop in.

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Anneliese & Oliver - Tullyveery House Wedding

We are so happy to bring a bit of celtic love to the blog. It was great to have so many Welsh visitors blown away by our wee countries summer sun...it's like this all the time sure!

Moving from seaside Hollywood through the countryside to the elegant Tullyverry house was the perfect way to spend the day. Escaping a few times with the bride and groom was effortless and these guys were so comfortable with one another, it was a dream.

This is Ollie and Annie...

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Another year, another September...

This time last year we brought the kids down to the beach with our cameras as we felt the summer was drawing to a close and did some family photos of them (you can see that blog here!)  In the last week or so we've had some more gorgeous weather this September, and thought we'd do something similar again - maybe we'll make it an annual shoot?!

We are beyond thankful that we get to live in such a stunning part of the world, it just never gets old and we try to remind the kids everyday how special a place this is - it's easy for them to take it for granted.  These pictures barely do it justice!

Here's to autumn 2014....

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Anna & Conor - Limepark Cottages and Lissanoure Castle Wedding

Conor and Anna are part of our crazy community on the north coast. It was a joy to photograph their wedding day as we have watched them go through friendship, dating and engagement.

One of our favourite places, Limepark was the venue for the ceremony which went ahead outside despite more than a few rain clouds.  You could say Anna's Californian family got to witness the true unpredictable nature of our wee country.  But the ceremony was full of high emotions, and the weather couldn't stand in the way of the stunning vows and prayers. We then moved on to Lissanoure castle for a feast and a party!

We loved the style and energy that the bridal party carried. And despite being attacked by an army of midgies during the evening photos, we had heaps of fun - these folk are hardcore!

So California and Coleraine has a new bond... and man aren't we thankful!

Love you both.

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Bradley & Elaine - Tullyveery House Wedding

Our first wedding in Tulleyverry House, what a beauty! Brad and Elaine planned an outdoor wedding ceremony, all morning the place looked perfect, the sun was making an appearance through a few clouds and the stage was set. It rained only 30 minutes all day...take a guess when. Ha! To be honest the drama added such a buzz to the day and despite a few worried looks, pushing through the rain was the rock an roll thing to do! It was taken in great spirit by all and will make a great story for years to come. Brad and Elaine, thanks for making us feel part of the family. You have big hearts and your journey together of school years, distance and commitment is powerful. Thanks for having us!


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Holly & Jim - Marquee Wedding, Portrush - Northern Ireland

Apologies in advance for the length of this post - it was impossible to narrow my favourites down! But I hope the ones I have selected manage to keep your attention... I've written a little about the venue choice for Holly & Jim's wedding day in their engagement post (which you can find here), but they basically turned a desolate site into their dream wedding venue in an incredibly short space of time - and it was nothing short of stunning.  With the help of Eventco Marquee hire and Posh Nosh Catering, it really was a day fit for the queen.

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Graeme & Heather - Lough Erne Wedding

We enjoyed a special Cathedral Quarter engagement shoot with Graeme and Heather, and it has been great getting to know them.  The elegance and charm of the Lough Erne Resort was the perfect location.  After a wet and windy afternoon we were then blessed with evening sun, and hats off to these guys for popping outside after the meal and for just going with it!  I loved when I noticed a wee quote on one of the tables just before we left "sunshine always follows the rain"... perfect way to sum up their day! We adore...

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