PK & Erin - County Down Engagement Session....


It all started when we were at a friends house for dinner, and PK happened to be there too... while he was chatting I couldn't get my best buddie Erin, out of my head.  I 'subtly' kicked Tim under the table and then decided to announce that PK needed to meet this special girl... One of his first questions about her was something along the lines of "could she toss a bale of hay??!"

It seems she can :) 

Fast forward less than 18 months and here they are, T minus 4 weeks until their wedding! Our hearts couldn't be fuller when we think about this pair, their journey and all that's ahead for them.  And I get to be bridesmaid.... WOOP!!! 

We spent a sunny June evening with them at Erin's family home, just wandering around their fields, such a beautiful part of County Down and extra special for them.