Another year, another September...

 This time last year we brought the kids down to the beach with our cameras as we felt the summer was drawing to a close and did some family photos of them (you can see that blog here!)  In the last week or so we've had some more gorgeous weather this September, and thought we'd do something similar again - maybe we'll make it an annual shoot?!

Despite being in the same place, at the same time of year, the sky and the sun was doing something pretty different - the light was stronger, the colours were deeper, and the kids are bigger!

To be honest, we were exhausted after it - it's not easy being a photographer and a mum/dad at the same time!  Nonetheless, sometimes you just have to push through to get the photos you want.

I've said this before, but we love this time of year.  Establishing a steadier rhythm in our lives after a busy summer, new starts and a much needed change in season.

We are beyond thankful that we get to live in such a stunning part of the world, it just never gets old and we try to remind the kids everyday how special a place this is - it's easy for them to take it for granted.  These pictures barely do it justice!

Here's to autumn 2014....