One year of our youngest....

365 days ago we met Jonas (the bonus) in the flesh for the first time.  I can't say i felt overly comfortable walking about the maternity ward with a camera, i tried to be discreet and sensitive.  Although the staff, especially in the operating room, were very cool and i think they found the whole idea quite exciting.  I'm grateful for all the staff within the Causeway Hospital that day for their love, care and smiles.  

Bringing Olivia and Jude into hospital to meet Jonas will forever be one of the most significant moments in my life, and it took me completely by surprise.  It was the first time i realised that Liv isn't such a young kid any more, but a young maturing girl.  I could see her struggling with the emotions of the whole occasion.  Her response was beautiful and appropriate, i just wasn't ready for it!  We introduced her to Jonas and she innocently wept silent tears of joy whilst Jude comforted her. "I'm just happy".

We put together some pictures of the last year to celebrate breathe and life.  Jonas thrives around people, he loves the buzz of a busy room.  Which is an interesting challenge for his introvert mother!  He has brought laughter into our house, and even a fake laugh when there is nothing to actually laugh at.  I'm thankful he reminds us to laugh.