Matt & Ariana - North Coast Cliff Top Wedding


"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings" John Muir

When you get an email from a couple wanting to travel thousands of miles with their family to get married on a cliff top on a significant coast line... you pinch yourself!

We were overwhelmed at the thought of it, especially as it just was on our doorstep and our favourite part of the world. 

Matt and Ariana had a dream and it was a complete pleasure to document it unfolding. These guys live in Philadelphia, Matt moved away from Northern Ireland when he was 6 so for him and his family this was the right place.  There ceremony was indeed special.  They only decided on the location (at Dunseverick Castle) the day before and had their 2 dads, who are both pastors marry them -  Ariana brought her Greek routes into the day by having a Greek crowning ceremony which was just beautiful. These are two incredibly trusting and generous people. Their love and faith is infectious and I can honestly say this day has changed us. We will never see Antrim coastline in the same way again...


Kudos to Grace & Saviour who helped make their vision a reality, so great to work with you again.   Not forgetting, Tim at  Floral Earth, the fatted calf, McShane Glen Cottages and Maverick Marquees, such a team effort!