4 point 5 of us....

Changes are coming for our wee family... 4 will become 5 in February and having made the transition to 2 kids at school/nursery this autumn (and lots more kid-free time!) we'll be back to all-things-baby in 3 months time!  So we're squeezing all we can out of our free mornings... walking, running (while I still can), coffee breaks galore, netflix and just taking things at a nice pace.

 And with this gorgeous autumn weather we've been given, we jumped at the chance (finally) to take what could well be one of our last sets of photos as a foursome.  Olivia (6) and Jude (3) are at such a great wee stage, we have a lot of laughs, and Tim and I just adore being with them and lapping up our surroundings together. SO thankful we get to live where we do, it just never gets old!  

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Bikes, beer, books and beauty - Copenhagen

In October we headed off to Copenhagen, a culture we've wanted to experience for a while.  We like to get away for a few days each year, together, just us, exploring somewhere new. Our few days were pretty simple; run, eat, cycle, read, drink, repeat.

We don't take it for granted that we have able and willing parents to help with Liv and Jude, a true blessing.

Copenhagen, you blew us away, here's to the next time.

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Another year, another September...

This time last year we brought the kids down to the beach with our cameras as we felt the summer was drawing to a close and did some family photos of them (you can see that blog here!)  In the last week or so we've had some more gorgeous weather this September, and thought we'd do something similar again - maybe we'll make it an annual shoot?!

We are beyond thankful that we get to live in such a stunning part of the world, it just never gets old and we try to remind the kids everyday how special a place this is - it's easy for them to take it for granted.  These pictures barely do it justice!

Here's to autumn 2014....

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Behind the scenes at Lost & Found

This is a little snippet of an interior shoot we did a few months ago for some treasured friends of ours... There are a lot of amazing things about this house, but the best part is that they designed it around their heart for community and always having space for others.  The other great part is that a lot of this is house is  the behind the scenes of one of the most exciting new businesses opening in the Northern Ireland in the coffee and catering world.  Rather than us ramble on you can read more about Lost and Found Coffee Shop and Brew Bar here.  But if you like good (and we mean GOOD) coffee, you need to be checking this out!  We feel honoured to have watch this dream grow from the seed it started as, to the business it is today.  And we are loving seeing the excitement stir on the North Coast as their official opening draws closer!!

So this is where Dave and Emily live, and where they, with Dan and Kathleen, have been hosting weekly 'pop-ups' on a Sunday afternoon, for people in our community to drop in and drink amazing coffee.  And not only that, sample Kathleens incredible baking offerings.  Their house is a joy to photograph, with more light than a photographer could dream of, and colour pops at every angle.  It's totally them, and suits their every hospitable need.  We love it.