Married to Gillian | Daddy to Olivia, Jude & Jonas  | homebrewer | born & bred north coast boy | loves a good lyric | rain hail shine surfer | Brewdog shareholder | has seen Biffy Clyro 8 times | occasional pipe smoker | is on a never ending quest to find “the perfect” woolly jumper | songwriter | ball boyed for Boris Becker | can’t grow a beard | works with the homeless | loves new socks | Mark Kermode podcast fan | loves tweed | never gets lost




Cookbook addict | risk taker |  list maker | hopeless decision maker | adores life on the coast | harmoniser | slug phobia | flip-flop fanatic | loves to run | easily inspired | used to be a physio | is on a never ending quest to find “the perfect” pair of jeans | loves a good board game | hoovers daily | huge Ryan Adams fan | rebellious spirit |  makes awesome granola |  always gets lost




We take photographs | We tell stories | We love being married | We are privileged to be part of a brilliant community here on the North Coast of Ireland |  We make an awesome team